Whole Smoked Pig pulled on sight

with au jus + BBQ sauce

2 sides $25\

3 sides $30\



Grilled corn on the Cob/ Chili Powder/ Butter 

Red Potato Salad/ Blue cheese/ Scallion

Baked beans/ ChiliPowder/ Brown sugar/ Bacon

Mixed greens/ Quinoa/ Cherry Tomatoes/ Avocado/ Black beans/ Chili lime vinaigrette

Black bean/Kidney Bean/Navy bean/ Avocado/Grilled Corn/ Heirloom Cherry Tomatoes/ Chili Lime Vinaigrette

Romaine/ Parmesan cheese/ Homemade Garlic Croutons/ Caesar Dressing

Red and Green cabbage/ Tri Colored Carrots/ Red onions/ Creamy Apple Cider Dressing

Grilled Fresh Seasonal Vegetables

Mac ‘n Cheese

Roast Polenta/ Parmesan/ Cherry tomatoes/ Chimichurri 



Homemade cornbread/ Rolls/ Bread/ Butter/ Honey Lavender Butter $.50

Coffee service/ Half and half/ Sugar $2.00

Iced Tea/ Lemonade $1.50


Homemade assorted pies $45 (serves 9+)

Palisade Peaches/ Ginger/ Caramel 

Blueberry/ Grand Marnier

Apple/ Caramel

Tripple berry 


Chef and Server Fee

Chef $65/hr/pp

Servers $30/hr/pp

**hours depend on set up, clean up, and timeline of dinner service**